Feminist Book Club is Back!

Book Club. Posted 12 months ago

Catalogue Staff

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We’ve been a little slow to deliver the next instalment of our Feminist Book Club, but we’re back! Hello!

Last time we read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and found ourselves terrified to our cores but still looking forward to watching the Hulu adaptation on SBS at the end of the month. (We recommend doing it en masse, as we will be.)

This time around we’re going to be reading Brodie Lancaster’s newly released book ‘No Way! Okay, Fine‘ – which is readily available at all good and great bookstores across Australia. We’ve been fans of Brodie Lancaster since the very first time we read her work, which centres on “pop culture, feminism and feelings,” and have since spent time making sure we follow each step of her career.

No Way! Okay, Fine is her first book and is described as a “pop culture memoir” but why should we describe the content to you when Abbi Jacobson – one half of Broad City – has already provided a pretty great description: “Brodie is whip smart; merging pop-culture references with vulnerable, personal experiences to create a collection that reads like a hilarious catch-up call with an old friend. What a pleasure to hear from this fresh, extremely relevant point of view.”


So, head out and pick up a copy, get reading and then join us for a Facebook Live event on August 2! Stay up to date with how we’re going with the book by following the Facebook Event we’ve made especially!