Hey, We’re Starting a Feminist Book Club!

Book Club. Posted 1 year ago

Catalogue Staff
Image: Alexis Bledel in Hulu’s upcoming adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. Image Source.

Books make us bigger. We read to see the world a little better, and in doing so, see ourselves a little better. In Trump-y, fake newsy times like these it’s important we make a conscious effort to open our own windows wider to see where the light falls. TV is great and all, but the action of watching – especially if it’s just Sex and the City reruns – is mostly drawing the curtains; blocking out the world momentarily – you’re not letting much fresh air in. But enough with the window metaphors: we’re starting a book club!

We’re going to make it ‘feminist’ insofar as we want books written by women that are awesome. Every month, we’ll pick a book, announce the book via our social media platforms (hello Instagram, hello Facebook) then, once we’ve all read the book, we’ll host one of those snazzy Facebook Live session that everyone can tune into where we can all discuss our thoughts.

We figured, in advance of the Hulu series release of The Handmaid’s Tale, we ought to read the book. So alarmingly true that it will keep you awake at night, Margaret Atwood’s novel written in the 1980s has gathered new relevance as her dystopian land in which women are enslaved as baby-makers feels closer than it ever has.

So, pick up a copy and share it with your pals, and get reading. We’ll be releasing relevant content to keep everyone motivated and temper any nightmares that may crop up as you work your way through Offred’s story.