Catalogue Girls: Kiki Talks Dance, Travel and the Joy of Op Shops

Fashion Stories. Posted 2 years ago

Catalogue Staff

Image: Kiki Miwa shot by Evangeline Davis for our Catalogue Girls series.

The kids aren’t just alright, they’re better than grown-ups. While grown-ups continue to ruin the planet, stay fixed to broken identities and ignore the calls of a generation that knows better, teens are quietly taking in what urgently needs changing, that’s if they’re not already busy activating that change. Kiki is a pretty solid example of why, when it comes to the future, we need not worry. Shot by one of our favourite upcoming photographers Evangeline Davis (keep a close eye on that name), Kiki gave us the lowdown of what she’s hoping for:

Catalogue: How old are you and where are you from?
Kiki: I am 16, I was born in Japan. I am half Japanese and half kiwi and I live in Wellington.

Catalogue: You are a part of  The Others Agency – what is your opinion on their ideals behind this type of non-traditional modelling agency?
Kiki: I think that the agency’s ideals of beauty separates them from other modelling agencies. The whole idea is based around the ‘others’ focusing on more of an interesting face and person instead of your more idealistic model. I think it’s great, they are adding diversity into modelling.

Catalogue: What are your favourite subjects currently in school?
Kiki: My favourite subject is outdoor education. Im a dancer, so it makes sense that I enjoy the physical aspect of outdoor education.

Catalogue: What do you want to be or do when you ‘grow up’?
Kiki: I am actually planning on leaving school early to dance full time. It has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl. I’d love to travel the world with it.

Catalogue: Who or what is currently inspiring you?
Kiki: In all honesty it’s Thomasin McKenzie. she has been working and striving for what she loves (acting) for as long as I can remember. Even in primary school I remember her having to go home and remember her lines. She’s worked so hard and she’s succeeding. Getting roles left, right and centre. She has shown me that you can do whatever you want as long as you believe in yourself and work hard for it.

Catalogue: As a 16 year old what are you mostly concerned about in relation to woman in society?
Kiki: What truly upsets me is the fact that often women are still seen as objects instead of people. Most women have experienced being cat-called at least once in their lives. We are constantly being objectified and often without even noticing anymore, it has become so ‘normal’. We should be teaching everyone to respect women as equals instead of insisting woman change their behaviour to fit into antiquated bullshit.

Catalogue: What are you most excited about for summer 16/17?
Kiki: Well, I’m super excited because I’m going to America, Mexico and then to Cuba this summer holidays with my family.

Catalogue: If you found $100 what would you spend it on?
Kiki: I would go shopping, hit the op-shops.

Photography: Evangeline Davis @madam_evangeline
Makeup: Lara Daly @lara.daly
Hair: Sophia Cooper
Earrings by Molly Scott
Catalogue Girl: Kiki Miwa @kiki.miwa