Sanam Sindhi Talks Thrift Store Shopping and Beauty Ideals

Fashion Stories. Posted 9 months ago

Catalogue Staff

Sanam Sindhi photographed by Dana Boulos.

Sanam Sindhi is a name you probably already know. When Rihanna’s now iconic Bitch Better Have My Money video launched, Sindhi suddenly went global; her discovery story is the stuff IG dreams are made of. Rihanna found her account, loved her account, then messaged her directly asking if she would like to appear in the video. One look at her feed and you can see why – if you aren’t already following her over at @trustmedaddy, then get on it. From amazing artwork, to perfect looks and politics, it’s a good place to hang out.

Catalogue: Hey Sanam, what did you do today?
Sanam Sindhi: Ate breakfast, went to the gym, went to Slauson swap meet, watered my plants, finished writing an article.

Catalogue: So you write and you DJ! What are you working on at the moment?
Sanam: I can’t talk about some of the stuff until it’s done but I’m finishing up a few interviews that’ll be published next week. Putting together my DJ set for a club night I’m doing tomorrow. Working on a new mix that I’ll release in the next few weeks. I’ve been helping cast and produce a huge fashion show so all of my time has been going to that for the last month.

Catalogue: When it comes to writing, what kind of topics are you thinking about currently?
Sanam: I mostly write beauty pieces or interview friends and cool people! I started writing a book of short stories earlier this year but I’ve put that on hold for a while.

Catalogue: And what tracks have you been into lately?
Sanam: A lot of baile funk — MC Bin Laden, MC Pikachu. I went to an Azealia Banks show last night so binging on her right now. There’s a playlist on Spotify that’s all songs produced by the Neptunes that I listen to whenever I drive. YG — Pop It, Shake It is my favourite song right now to play in my DJ sets.

Catalogue: How do you think beauty ideals have changed in the past few years?
Sanam: It’s nice to see more diversity in fashion and media but we have a looooong way to go still.

Catalogue: How would you define your personal feminism right now?
Sanam: My feminism is constantly learning and evolving but the anchor of it is always to be intersectional and inclusive.

Catalogue: What are the best and worst things about the internet?
Sanam: The best things about the internet are all the cute girls on Instagram and being able to buy a camo fann ypack from China at 3am off eBay. The worst things are the lack of boundaries and evil people.

Catalogue: You have a really impressive wardrobe, what influences your personal style?
Sanam: Haha. I wear the same outfits for days at a time!! I guess I’m influenced by my friends, many of whom are designers, so I’m lucky to always have access to cool clothes or inspiration. Moving to LA has also had a huge influence on my style. The thrift stores out here are amazing so more or less two-thirds of my closet is one-off pieces I find at Goodwill.

Catalogue: Where you do get your beauty inspo?
Sanam: Bollywood and South Asian culture is very much what I constantly go back to in terms of makeup and beauty references. Besides that, again, just all the cool girls and makeup artists on Instagram.

Catalogue: What’s it like to be a young woman in America right now?
Sanam: Very bittersweet. It sucks for obvious reasons, like living under a fascist capitalist government that hates women. But it’s also a great time to see how powerful women can be under those circumstances.

Catalogue: What social issues and values are important to you?
Sanam: Keeping young people working in fashion and media from being exploited and making the world a safer, funner place for women.

Catalogue: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
Sanam: Hmm… we need more nice people! More compassionate people! And to figure out a way to end global warming cause this 105-degree weather is not cute.

Catalogue: Words to live by?
Sanam: Good morning texts from boys do not pay the rent!

All images taken by Dana Boulos.