This New Swimwear Campaign Actually Gets Women, Knows We are Always ‘Beach Body Ready’

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Catalogue Staff

Image: from L – R, Johanna, Liz , Amber and Olivia for Well Made Clothes‘ Summer Swimwear Campaign, captured by Jack Grayson.

You’ve probably noticed summer is on its way. Those impending hot blue skies mean lazy picnics, frisbee damage, cold beers, long evenings and road trips. We’ve already dipped toes, even the odd knee, in the ocean and can’t wait until it’s warm enough to fully submerge – which means it’s time to slip into swimwear that makes you feel as good as it looks. Shopping for a new cossie has traditionally been a relatively fraught process for women, pressured by traditionally male-gaze advertisements that tell us only certain bodies are good enough to be seen at the beach. Now though, as the fourth-wave powers through, women are finally getting more of what they actually to see, and wear. Call us biased (because we are) but Well Made Clothes‘ summer campaign has us feeling especially sunshine-y. Better still, Well Made Clothes only stocks brands that are ethical, taking care of the planet and the people who make the clothes, not just the ones wearing them.

Wearing swimwear that not only looks good, but actually is good? We might not even complain about the heat this year. Kidding. We will.

Photography: Jack Grayson
Fashion Director: Charlotte Agnew
Hair and Make-up: Teneille Sorgiovanni
All clothing from our sister site Well Made Clothes.

Image: Amber wears Camp Cove swimsuit.

Image: Johanna wears bikini by Good Studios.

Image: Liz wears swimsuit by Her.

Image: Olivia wears bikini by Her.

Image: Olivia wears swimsuit by Her.

Image: Liz wears swimsuit by Camp Cove.

Image: Johanna wears swimsuit by Good Studios, Liz wears Her.

Image: Johanna wears bikini by Baaby.

Image: Olivia wears bikini by Baaby.

Image: Amber wears swimsuit by Baaby.

Image: Johanna wears swimsuit by Baaby.