10 Gorpcore Essentials That Will Have You Living Your Best Ethical Life This Summer

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Lucy Jones

Do you even gorpcore? Image Source.

I’ve jumped aboard some fairly tragic trend trains in my lifetime — ties, trucker hats, emo fringes, studded belts, slogan tees, tiny little handbags, you name it I’ve tried it! So when the gorpcore trend started taking off earlier this year, I naturally dipped my toe in. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a starter pack we prepared earlier:

Gorpcore is basically dressing like you’re about to go camping all the time. Essentials include: carabiner clips, puffer jackets, Teva’s, and trail mix. Unlike all the embarrassing trends I tried before it, gorpcore is actually good; good for my social status, good looking, and good for the planet. This is because gorpcore relies on ethical adventure brands that are designed to be worn ~in nature~ and tells fast fashion to take a hike!

I would like to welcome you all aboard the gorpcore express, and shamelessly spruik our sister site Well Made Clothes, with ten gorpcore essentials that will have you living your most ethical life this summer.

1) A good puffer jacket is an absolute must-have! This bad boy will take you from the club to the campground and it’s so comfortable that you legit will never want to take it off. Confession: I have been wearing this jacket and this jacket alone all winter long.

2) I’m not sure what human beings did to deserve velcro shoes but it must have been something really, really good. An easy, breezy, beautiful pair of Teva’s will make your feet feel like they are on cloud nine and that’s probably because, just like ferrero rochers, they were moulded by the delicate hands of gods and then one day, they fell from the heavens, right into the Well Made Clothes online store.

3) This innovative jumpsuit comes with tiny little hoops that are specifically designed to house your keys or your carabiner clip, or both at the same time! There’s literally nothing more gorpcore than that!

4) Do I even need to tell you why you need some forest green trackie shorts in your life? Didn’t think so.

5) This ‘Earth’ blanket is essential for the camping trips that you will inevitably take once you start living that gorpcore life.

6) A classic black windbreaker is a great gateway item for those who aren’t yet ready to go full truck-tent-and-trail-mix gorpcore.

7) Every gorpcore wardrobe needs a Patagonia tee and these new colours are hot, hot, hot!

8) If you’re going to commit to the gorpcore lifestyle, you should probably start wearing some sporty ‘n’ stylish trackpants everywhere you go.

9) Let’s be really, really honest, good shorts are few and far between. If you’re drowning in a sea of but-baring denim cut-offs, then you’ll be delighted to meet bike shorts: a cute, comfy classic that flatters your cheeky cheeks.

10) The fleece pullover is the pièce de résistance of gorpcore style. Your dad wore one in the 70s and you can wear one now. So blue. So soft. So cute.

Visit our sister site Well Made Clothes to purchase all the items listed above and check out more clothes that look good and are actually good!

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