10 Rose McGowan Clapbacks That Will Instantly Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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Lucy Jones

Rose McGowan in Charmed. Image Source.

What would Rose McGowan do? Is a question that I will be asking myself in every difficult life situation from this day forward. McGowan has been cool for ages (see: Charmed, Marilyn Manson, that invisible dress), but over the past week she’s truly outdone herself by emerging as the voice of reason during the Harvey Weinstein allegation shitstorm. McGowan is doing the important work of calling out Weinstein’s enablers on Twitter, buy mostly, the clapbacks! This woman honestly deserves a Golden Globe for these clapbacks!

First there was the very passive-aggressive:

And then the simple but effective:

In honour of the great work McGowan is doing we’d like to present: ten Rose McGowan clapbacks that will instantly restore your faith in humanity. Enjoy!

1) To a person whose name rhymes with “Madam Panhandler”:

2) To guys who stay silent when bad things are happening around them:

3) To anyone who has ever used your and you’re incorrectly.

4) To a guy who sent her an unwanted nude:

5) To frat boys and conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter:

6) To people who said modelling topless made Emma Watson a bad feminist:

7) To every kind of privilege:

8) To this douche:

9) To Casey Affleck:

10) To all of the haters:




RIP anyone who gets in Rose’s way.

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