5 Beach Goth Swimsuits That Prove You Can Still Wear Black to the Beach

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Wearing black every day isn’t a fashion trend; it’s a lifestyle. Just ask Audrey Hepburn, Winona Ryder, or pretty much every Parisian woman throughout history. The thing about wearing black is that it’s a blank canvas – you don’t have to think too much about it when getting dressed of a morning and it will go with just about everything you own. Which is why ‘rules’ around wearing bold colours or bright whites during summer just don’t sit so well with us. Fortunately, though, it is totally possible to complete your beach goth look with the perfect black one piece swimsuit – aka the only swimsuit that you’ll ever really need.

This season, some of our fave swimwear labels like HerGood Studios and Baaby are proving that you can wear black to the beach and that you can do so in style. Which is great news for those of us who value inherent versatility in our wardrobes – after all, the black one piece is perhaps the most versatile swimsuit that you can own. This particular style not only doubles as a top when going straight from the beach to dinner, but it is also suitable for all manner of beach-related activities – including, but not limited to surfing, paddle boarding and, of course, lying around on the sand all day.

Fit is an incredibly important consideration when trying to choose the perfect black one piece – whether you’re a scooped neck, low back or full coverage kind of girl. But equally important in this decision making process is the ethics behind your black swimsuit of choice. This is true of all swimwear really, because these are the pieces that we wear when interacting directly with nature. It is no secret, for instance, that microplastics are a huge problem when it comes to ocean pollution today, but this issue extends much further than just our favourite beaches. According to The Guardian, even our sea salt is now contaminated as a result of fibres that are derived from plastic.

So when going into the summer months, then, there are a few shopping considerations that tend to top our list: the ethics behind our beachwear, the form and fit of those pieces and, of course, the presence of the colour black. Once we have nailed all three elements, then we feel well and truly prepared to live our best beach goth lives in (responsible) style. So to celebrate the pending arrival of said summer season, we are rounding up five of our favourite beach goth approved black one pieces and discussing what makes them so awesome.

1) The Ester One Piece in Coal Black

Ester One Piece in Coal Black

The Ester One Piece is one of our all-time favourite black one pieces, because the deep v-neckline and high-cut leg are complemented by a medium to full coverage in the back. And not only that, but the super soft fabrication also offers 50+ protection – which is always an important consideration for those living amidst the harsh Australian sunshine. Not only does Her master the art of form and fit, but the local company also incorporates recycled post-consumer materials wherever possible too. Basically, their swimwear looks good and is good too.

2) The Swim Good V One Piece in Black

Swim Good V One Piece in Black

According to Good Studios founder Anny Duff, natural fibres are only part of the conversation when it comes to sustainable fashion. Which is why the label’s Swim Good range is made out of upcycled fishing nets. “When I discovered Econyl… I knew it was a great opportunity to get people to think about conservation of our oceans,” she tells Well Made Clothes. And that’s exactly what this V One Piece style does – all the while boasting a slight v neckline and crossover straps in the back, of course.

3) The Georgia Ribbed in Boston Black 

Georgia Ribbed in Boston Black

We love the athleticism of Her’s Georgia Ribbed style. The mid-cut hip and medium back coverage are complemented by subtle details like a ribbed texture and crossover straps at the back. This style is great when worn with denim beyond the beach as well and, of course, reflects the brand’s core values of transparency and gender equality, which carry through to all of their practices. A timeless black one piece like this is a style that you will never get sick of and Her’s well-made approach means that you will be able to hold onto it for seasons to come as well. By reducing the amount of swimmers you buy, you can also help to reduce the amount of textile waste impacting upon our planet.

4) The Eco Swim Scoop Front Cami in Black

Eco Swim Scoop Front Cami in Black

Vege Threads is a brand that’s staunchly committed to sustainability, so it stands to reason that their swimwear would be no different. Boasting classic lines, the label’s Eco Swim Scoop Front Cami style is also made from recycled nylon. But not just any recycled nylon – theirs is specifically designed to provide exceptional shape retention, chlorine-resistance and UV protection. With a mid-rise leg and a wide cut at the back, this particular swimsuit allows for both coverage and ease of movement – perfect for all those surfing lessons that you have been meaning to take. And although Vege Threads is focussed on transparency, their swimwear comes fully lined to avoid any show through.

5) The Angelina Swimsuit in Black

Angelina Swimsuit in Black

We love a square cut neckline in our black one pieces and Baaby has created the perfect version with the Angelina style. Constructed out of luxury lycra – which is made from regenerated sustainable fibres and then woven in Italy – this swimsuit also helps to save the planet by not putting additional unecessary waste out into the world. Boasting a classic silhouette, an ultra low back and a high cut through the leg, it is a practical style that serves as a statement on the beach as well. And sometimes a little swimwear theatrics is just what every beach goth needs.

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