Catalogue Girls: Liilo Discusses Overcoming Bullying to Become Body Positive

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Lola Rose
Liilo overcame bullying to become body positive, and believes that "if people say negative shit about you, they are really talking about themselves." Photographed by Lola Rose, founder of Perfume River.Liilo overcame bullying to become body positive, and believes that “if people say negative shit about you, they are really talking about themselves.” Photographed by Lola Rose, founder of Perfume River.

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Catalogue Girl #5: Lilo Discusses Overcoming Bullying to Become Body Positive

Introducing Liilo, “pronounced like those pool floats”. Liilo is a music producer, East London kid, and glitter queen – for starters. Liilo came on to my radar while I was mindlessly trawling Instagram one day. Her sass-soaked selfies spoke to me. She looks like a glam diva rave kid, waiting to hit the next party.

Talking to Liilo in person was awesome, too: I love meeting people who get real with you straight away. She told me about how kids at her school used to bully her for the way she looks, but she’s since learned to love her body and feel confident. Growing up, her house was filled with vivid paintings by her Mum, fluffy clothing, and music equipment.

Liilo and I listened to TLC in her Furby-filled bedroom while we talked about feminism, star signs, and the power of attraction.

Lola Rose: What’s a song you can’t stop listening to?
Liilo: Enigma – Carly’s Song (Ben Kama & Dj Cell Remix).

Lola Rose: What’s your star sign?
Liilo: My star sign is in Aries, which makes me a fire sign. Aries are very passionate: we hate routine and crave adventure in every way. We also hate being controlled.

Lola Rose: What advice would you give to people being bullied?
Liilo: Well I was bullied for my appearance, and my advice is that if people say negative shit about you, they are really talking about themselves, so don’t get upset about it, because happy people don’t don’t bully.

Lola Rose: Who is an important female role model for you?
Liilo: Grimes definitely, because she is such an independent female musician/producer/artist; she makes all the music herself and I just love what she does with music. She is a huge inspiration for me, I love her.

Lola Rose: We’ve talked about the law of attraction. Can you explain your interpretation of it?
Liilo: Well, I watched the documentary on the law of attraction last year called The Secret, which basically argues that you attract and manifest what you think and feel; your thoughts and feelings are actually vibrational energies that leave your body, go out into the universe, and come back to you. I am pretty obsessed with it because I tested it out and it started actually working. I am still in the process of manifesting something mega huge though, but it’s a secret.

Lola Rose: What inspires you to make music?
Liilo: Probably just the feeling of the music – for me, music is about how a song makes me feel. Nature, colours, people, situations, scenes of something happening – all these things inspire me. Like, sometimes I’ll think up my own unique movie scene in my head and then I can hear the perfect music that accompanies the scene. It’s pretty weird but yeah, I guess physical and mental imagery inspires me.

Lola Rose: Why are you a Feminist?

Liilo: Feminism is hella important to me because it [gender discrimination] is no less wrong than any other form of discrimination. As a living creature on this planet, I feel no less superior and no more superior than other living things, especially men who are the same species as me.

Lola Rose: What was it like growing up in East London?

Liilo: Growing up in East London was amazing because I was intertwined in all of the colourful cultures of London, and I have been influenced by them all. East London taught me street smarts and people skills, too. London is great but East London is better because it’s so artistically diverse; the music scene here is phenomenal, and the fashion is just so unique.

Lola Rose: Can you tell us about a book that changed your life?

Liilo: The book Century. It’s a photo book which covers history’s most iconic and disturbing photos: of wars; politics; royalty; and much more. It’s an amazing book. I used to look through it all the time when I was little and it does shake you up, because there are some very sad and devastating things in there.

Lola Rose: Any shout outs?

Shout out to Grimes!! You da shit!!

Interview and photos by Lola Rose of Perfume River.






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