Every Woman Should Shave Her Head at Least Once – Here’s Why

Features. Posted 2 years ago

Courtney Sanders

Image: Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman. Image Source.

I’ve shaved all my hair off before. I was 25 years-old, a little boozed, and at a friend’s house when I suggested that we shave my head. He agreed, grabbed his clippers and an extension cord (hair on polished wooden floors is a problem), and out into the garden we went, to take my not-at-all-luscious-locks down to a No. 4.

When we were done, I apprehensively made my way to the bathroom mirror. My initial reaction was “holy shit, this is fucking hardcore. What have I done?” But as the dust around my decision settled and just after all of the tiny, leftover bits of hair had fallen out, I began to totally fucking embrace my shaved head.

Image: English model Billie Turnbull looking absolutely adorable, feminine and all the rest with her head shaved. Image Source.

I took a few things away from my hairless time:

1) Being a woman with a shaved head doesn’t make you look or feel less feminine. In fact, because it accentuates other features – eyes, lips, décolletage – it has quite the opposite effect. Furthermore, it kind of creates this blank canvas for you to be whoever you want to be on, which is empowering.

2) Being a women with a shaved head does not make you less sexually attractive. Again, in my case, it was quite the opposite, which I put down to the fact that you exude the empowerment factor, as above.

3) It makes you question gender, sexuality and why the current stereotypes about attractiveness exist. Like: if I feel more feminine with a shaved head, and am more attractive to the opposite sex with a shaved head, what is all this talk about long blonde “bed hair” about exactly? Are the stereotypes about beautiful women completely inaccurate? Are there actually widespread beauty preferences at all? Do people just like what they like, and sometimes it’s a shaved head, and sometimes it’s long “bed hair”?

4) It’s not true that only some women suit their head shaved. When I had no hair people were all like “I wish I could do that but you have the face for it and I don’t”. This is untrue: I have no jawline to speak of and none of my other features are particularly definitive either (I cite my eyelashes as my best feature).

Image: Sigourney Weaver being the original, bad-ass bitch in movies in the Alien trilogy. Image Source.

All of this is to say that we should probably stop writing articles about how to get the perfect Hollywood glamour curls, and start celebrating the non-hairstyle, the shaved head. Even if shaved heads don’t raise any of the social questions I’ve imbued them with, they are, at least, incredibly low maintenance, no hair straighteners required, period.

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