Five Fab Wide Leg Pants That Will Help You Take Up Space

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Catalogue Staff

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Us female-identifying types know what it’s like to have to fight for space. In the workplace, in our relationships with men, and even when we’re having a cold one at the pub, we are constantly having to negotiate male-dominated spaces as non-men. Anyone who has ever had ask an old dude to stop leaning against the edge of their table when there are five other free tables in the beer garden knows that this is an uphill battle.

In order to make the daily struggle a little easier, we’ve put together this very tongue-in-cheek selection of wide leg pants that will help you take up space. Swish into your next meeting or date wearing one of these bad boys from our sister site Well Made Clothes and you will accomplish all of your goals. Well, you’ll at least accomplish the goals of looking great and feeling really comfy.

1) Penny Sage Dreyfus Jeans in Charcoal

Howdy fashionista! These baggy beauties from Penny Sage are flattering and fashion forward. Made from 100% cotton denim, they feature an understated flare, contrast stitching and shell buttons, I repeat SHELL BUTTONS. If that doesn’t demand respect then I don’t know what the hell does.

PS: There’s a stripy pastel version of these jeans too. I die. Do you die?

2) Natalija Silk Sating Wide Leg Pants in Black

Give me a C, give me an H, give me a I, give me a C, what does it spell? CHIC, honey, chic. These silky-smooth pants from Natalija are the definition of chic which, via Google, means “elegantly and stylishly fashionable”. They are also sustainable, locally made in Sydney, and will actually take you ~from day to night~ seeing as they are comfy enough to sleep in.

3) Kowtow Stage Pants in Natural

Nothing says confidence like wearing beige pants outside of the house. Show people how good you are at life by managing not to stain these pants for an entire day. The respect you earn will be very valid considering these jeans are made with super soft organic cotton. They are also sustainable, fair trade and dyed with water-based inks that don’t leech nasty chemicals into the environment. In other words, they are very, very good.

If you’re a total slob, you can always opt for the blue jean version of the very same pants instead.

4) Good Studios Wide Leg Pants in Navy

Make a statement in these pouffy extra wide leg pants. The easy, breezy beautiful navy numbers are made from 100% hemp linen and recycled hemp pulp buttons in Adelaide. The are so lightweight that you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all… nothing at all… nothing at all. Q: Does a more liberating feeling exist? A: No.

5) Denimsmith Freya Jeans in White

Diversify your wide pant collection with this simple white jean. The high-waisted cut is super flattering and the frayed cuff detail will let everyone know how chill and cool you are (if they didn’t already realise how chill and cool you were when they noticed that YOU WERE WEARING WHITE JEANS). You go girl!

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