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Molly McLaughlin

Princess Nokia. Image Source. 

The New York Times recently declared that “women are making the best rock music today.” Well, here’s another scoop for you: women are dominating music across genres, and this wave of girl (and femme and non-binary) power doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down any time soon. Check out the list below for the latest and greatest from female artists that are smashing stereotypes, and making excellent tunes while they’re at it.

Freq U, Miss Blanks
Miss Blanks is a rapper from Brisbane with an indescribable sound and an iconic look. She has become a social media favourite thanks to her rad outspoken advocacy.
Perfect for: Surviving public transport with style

Drew Barrymore, SZA
SZA’s unique sound, sometimes described as alternative R&B, is the result of years of evolution. Hailing from New Jersey, her feminine, vulnerable songs focus on sex and romance in a way that is almost too accurate.
Perfect for: Wallowing in your emotions

Death By Chocolate, Soccer Mommy
Nashville native Soccer Mommy makes jangly pop-rock that may trigger high school flashbacks (in a good way.) She juxtaposes the comic and tragic aspects of growing up in an irresistible combination.
Perfect for: Falling in love with the wrong person

Horizon, Aldous Harding
Kiwi singer-songwriter Aldous Harding creates whole worlds inside her songs. Her latest release, ‘Party’, has earned critical acclaim and is a subtle, delicate exploration of heartbreak and growth.
Perfect for: Going it alone

G.O.A.T, Princess Nokia
Princess Nokia is a rapper from New York with a cult following. Her debut album 1992 Deluxe has been causing all kinds of commotion, thanks to her honest, idiosyncratic lyrics and her killer flow. She’s “that weird girl that’s running shit.”
Perfect for: A confidence boost

Strong Woman, Jen Cloher
This song from Melbourne-based artist Jen Cloher is off her fourth and most fully-formed album. As a singer-songwriter, her work is personal, and in the current climate, the personal is political.
Perfect for: Smashing the hetero-patriarchy

Wave, Kaylah Truth
Kaylah Truth, a Brisbane-based rapper, is changing the face of Aussie hip hop. She has released a couple of singles that have left fans hungry for more, and possesses the type of bad-ass attitude we should all aspire to.
Perfect for: Waving goodbye to the haters

Thank You Fuck You, Andrea Davidson
Andrea Davidson is a country-pop one woman show based in Nashville. She is also prolific songwriter and has toured extensively, developing her own raw, hypnotic sound. Her songs are classic love stories, with a twist.
Perfect for: Exploring new things

Magazine, Sløtface
Norwegian punk band Sløtface have gained a reputation for being loveable rebels, and their anticipated debut album lives up to the hype. As vocalist Haley Shea sings, “Patti Smith would never put up with this shit.”
Perfect for: Dancing in the dark

Woman’s World, Okenyo
Okenyo is an artist from Sydney who serves up neo-soul/electro vibes with a sprinkling of hip hop. With an arresting live presence and an intriguing, experimental sound, Okenyo is about to blow up.
Perfect for: Red wine with mates

I Want It All, Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers
Canberra-based indie rockers Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers have just the right balance of retro charm and black humour. Although the girls are still in high school, their sound is sophisticated, with a wink.
Perfect for: Singing in the car

City, Seavera
Melbourne duo Seavera create intimate electro songs, entirely made out of feelings. This song expresses the complex double standards around women’s sexuality, and it sounds beautiful too.
Perfect for: Watching the sun rise

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