The Only 5 Items of Clothing You Need for a Weekend Away!

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Courtney Sanders

Image: creating those Brooklyn moments in the P-6 Logo T-Shirt by Patagonia.

I’m a heavy packer. I’m such a heavy packer, in fact, that on our recent trip to the U.S. to find new ethical labels for Catalogue’s sister site Well Made Clothes, my luggage was overweight when I arrived at Sydney airport for the beginning of our trip, after I was certain I had ‘packed light’, and before I justified the weight via the heaviness of the suitcase itself and not what I’d stuffed into it; it was overweight when I arrived at JFK airport to head to LAX, after I’d put heavy items like shoes into Kelly’s suitcase, and before I explained that very important ‘work books’ I ‘had to buy’ were weighing it down; and it was, unsurprisingly, overweight when I arrived at LAX to head back to Australia, at which point I had absolutely no excuses left and just had to apologise and pay the overweight fee.

All of which is to say I have had recent experience realising the following: overweight luggage is annoying and expensive; I only wore approximately one-fifth of the clothing I packed because when travelling there are a few things that work and many more things that don’t; and Australian hairdryers lose all of their power when put through an American power converter and are rendered useless so I shouldn’t have bothered packing one. Furthermore, because we were travelling through the U.S. and Mexico at the end of summer, the things I found I wore all the time on this trip are the same things I believe I’ll wear all the time on forthcoming Aussie summer trips, making this advice, if long-winded, at least seasonally relevant.

1. Teva sandalImage: the Original Universal Sandals by Teva performing the exact function they were designed for in a cenote near Valladolid, Mexico.

Kelly and I kept saying that if you guys could hear all the times we raved about wearing Tevas we would sell out of them, so now I’m just going to list all the times we raved about wearing Tevas:
1) Going through customs because we had to take our shoes off in American airports and Tevas are really easy to take off
2) While on, and directly after being on, the plane, because we could adjust them to suit our poor, swollen feet
3) When we were swimming in cenotes in Mexico and the bottom of the shallow part of the cenote was rocky but it didn’t matter because we could just wear our shoes – our TEVAS – in the water 4) because that’s what they’re made for (they were actually designed by a river guide in the ‘70s)
5) Directly after we got pedicures because we wanted to show them off
6) The whole trip because it was hot and Tevas are designed with blisters – or, more specifically, lack-thereof – in mind (you’ll notice the first strap sits below the toes and this is specifically to avoid rubbing against the most sensitive part of the foot)
7) The whole trip because the cushiness of the soles made us feel like we were, and I quote, “walking on trampolines”

2. A black one-piece swimsuit
Image: me wearing a one-piece swimsuit by Her Line at the same motel in Joshua Tree where U2 (who I don’t even like but I’m going to claim this celebrity association anyway) recorded, yes, Joshua Tree.

We’re all about versatility on Well Made Clothes which is why we celebrate pieces that can be worn multiple ways and serve multiple purposes. Enter the black one-piece swimsuit that I wore as a bodysuit when I wasn’t swimming, as a swimsuit when I was swimming, and as a bodysuit again directly after I’d been swimming – I’m lazy that way. I wore a piece by Her Line every day when we were in Mexico, and a bunch of times when we were in New York, when I realised I hadn’t packed other crucial items like a plain black singlet (because of course I hadn’t).

3. An organic cotton t-shirt

Image: Kelly wearing the P-6 Logo Cotton T-Shirt by Patagonia

If there’s one thing that you don’t get to do enough of on a trip it’s washing, so it’s best to pack organic fibres that will keep you sweat-free and smell-free for as long as possible. Kelly packed a couple of the Logo T-Shirts by Patagonia and I packed this black t-shirt by Pansy because I’m going to do everything I can to avoid sweating profusely in summer except for wearing colours that aren’t black. On top of the broad recommendation of ‘organic cotton t-shirt’ I would also recommend not wearing light grey, grey marle, or anything in the grey family, in summer, because SWEAT PATCHES PEOPLE.

4. A lightweight knit
Image: the Merino R-Neck Pullover by Filippa K

I feel like the lightweight knit is an under-appreciated but crucial part of the travelling wardrobe. Firstly, air conditioning on planes is freezing, and secondly, even though the debate about whether it’s better to be too hot or too cold is still raging, it shouldn’t be, because it’s most definitely better to be too hot. Enter the lightweight merino pullover which can be thrown into a bag for potential use during all of those romantic evening walks along the beach, or, in my case, going out in the evening to eat lots of enchiladas.

5. A sleeveless black dress
Image: the Apron Dress by Good Studios

Never has layering been so important as when going on holiday between seasons, in three places which, the iPhone weather app informs you, have wildly different climates. With aforementioned organic cotton t-shirt and lightweight knit in hand, a black sleeveless dress is the perfect ‘top layer’ for this climate-proof outfit.

Don’t wanna wear any of these? Take a peek at the rest of the great stuff on offer over at our sister site Well Made Clothes

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