This New Look Proves ‘Festival Style’ Has Officially Gone Too Far

Features. Posted 11 months ago

Lucy Jones

A whimsical festival look. Image Source.

These days, you could probably sell a fedora in the shape of a flamingo as a hot new “festival fashion” must have. The pink adds a refreshing pop of colour to any outfit, birds are so ‘in’ this season, besides, you’ll look absolutely fedorable! I NEED THIS FEDORA AND I NEED IT NOW!

Honestly, if the internet publishes one more festival fashion guide that tells us to “say it with a crochet flower crown” or channel our “inner rock ‘n’ roll witch” we will most likely die from an overdose of twee. Things that fall into the category of ~festival style~ include see through rain jackets, floral masks, and glitter dandruff. The festival beauty category gets even more distressing — are you more of a ‘bohemian unicorn‘ or a ‘girl with a glitter problem‘?

Dear internet: not everything is trend! Not everything is festival!

This week, we decided that festival style had finally gone too far when this popped up on our feed:

Next, cover your entire body in glue and roll around in some lawn clippings. Perfect! Now you’re really ready to party.

Nah babe, don’t worry, you don’t look extra at all.

Sure, there are certain trends that surface time and time again: the ‘hippy mum from Byron who definitely choofs’ look, the very 90s ‘choker with small 90s buns and a smaller 90s backpack’ aesthetic, and, my personal favourite, the ‘extra long t-shirt with cut off sleeves’ style that’s usually favoured by the guy who thinks he’s barely even gurning. But festival fashion has become so pervasive and so lucrative that brands will try to sell you pretty much anything as a festival staple; this mesh t-shirt, this bodysuit, these pom pom earrings — they are all so quintessentially festival! Us trying to work out what to wear to Splendour right now:

We couldn’t help but wonder… in a world where pretty much anything can be considered festival fashion, does festival fashion even exist? We’re just gonna give you a few minutes to let that deep thought roll over you.

The good news is, the post-festival fash world isn’t a place of pessimism but one of possibilities. It means that you’re free to wear whatever the hell you like, whether your personal brand is ‘gorpcore‘ or ‘2000s surfer girl‘. The sneakers you wear every day, a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt is a probably a good place to start. But if you want to wear a crochet bikini and draw a tiny little heart on your face, that’s okay too.

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