Your Weekly Horoscope: “Get Ready for the Realness”

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Jessica Lanyadoo

Catalogue Girl Carla Uriarte was born ready. Image Source.

Welcome to your forecast for the week of September 13-20 by Catalogue Astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo! 


Get ready for the realness, my loves! This week we’re all going to be inclined to jump to conclusions and make connections that aren’t based in facts. If you can make the effort to do inner work, spend time with your Dear Diary, or get hella woo, you’ll be making the most of this energy. Where you get into trouble is when you feel bad or insecure and start look for evidence of how and why you do; Sometimes you just feel weird! Whinge all you want, but once you say a thing you can’t take it back; honour the difference between what you want to say and what you need others to hear all through this week.



You don’t have to be in control in order to get right with yourself, Aries. Things are complicated, and the best way to handle it is by getting real. Anxiety will make you feel like you’re falling apart and that the only way to hold yourself together is to grab hold of something outside of you. The trouble with this is that you’re not likely to hold on to the right thing when you feel desperate. Get centred, and align with your truest motivations and not just your reactions this week.


‘What you resist shall persist.’ There’s no escaping change, there’s only ignoring the signs. It’s OK to be scared of what you don’t yet understand, but just because you don’t have clarity now doesn’t mean that whatever is around the corner is bad. Instead of fighting the tide, try to go where the flow of it takes you, Taurus. If you stay grounded around the things you are doing, you’ll be better able to understand what your problems are trying to show you about your life.


When you struggle against your reality, it only makes things more uncomfortable for you. This week you’re wrestling with some heavy themes, but don’t let that stop you from staying present with the feelings that come up. You’re not actually stuck, Twin Star — you’re just not seizing your options. Instead of worrying over what might go wrong, start investing your time and actions into the things that you want to go right. The only way to fail is to not try, my love.


If you’ve been driving yourself too hard, then you’ll find that you’re running on empty this week. It’s important that you prioritise, Moonchild, and that may mean that you have to let some things go. Realign yourself with what truly matters so you can see both what you need in order to be happy and also what you can put on hold. It’s time for you to seize your fate in both hands and mould it, even if it takes a few tries to get it right.


This is not the time to make compromises that compromise you, Leo. It’s easy to brazenly take a stand against things, but what are you for? Embody healthy boundaries with yourself in efforts to model them for others. This will have to come from a clear place of self-knowledge. You don’t need to have things go perfectly in order for you to be happy with yourself, but you totally need to be authentic to who you are. Invest in getting to know yourself this week, my love.


Be on the lookout for power struggles in your relationships. While fighting isn’t on its own a bad or a good thing, it’s important that you know what you’re fighting for, Virgo. Choose your battles wisely instead of impulsively. You may really want to get something off your chest, but that doesn’t mean you should say it to another living person. Sit on your feels for a few hours if you can. Don’t try to win at relationships; seek happiness or peace, not victory, my love.


It’s really hard to let go. Even if you know in your heart of hearts that it’s time, the what-if’s and their many possible outcomes can make you crazy. This week you don’t need to be certain of how you’re gonna get where you want to be, but you do need to own whatever compromises you’ve made and what’s become of them. You’re on call to honour your feels and make changes that reflect what’s true for you and not just what’s going to be immediately easiest to pull off.


You can change your life as much as you like, but if you yourself don’t change, nothing will stick. This week it will be easy to obsess on external conditions and what’s wrong with them, but it would be missing the point. What other people are or aren’t doing isn’t really your problem. What you consent to participating in is the embodiment of your own boundaries, Scorpio. If you don’t like the game, it’s on you not to play, my love.


You’ve got this, ‘Tarius. There’s so much chaos in the world at large right now, as well as within your smaller personal world, and it has everyone on edge. You don’t need to feel fantastic or even optimistic in order to make a difference though. Find your centre of strength, and act from that place. This week’s New Moon is excellent for you to start something new, whether it’s a change in attitude, a shift in behaviour, or something more radical. Honour your potential, not your fears!


You can focus on what you don’t have and what isn’t working, but that won’t help you one bit, Cappy Mon Capitán. It’s time to get your game plan together so you can get to the next level. Instead of looking for a move, look within. Which of your relationships and commitments make you feel happy? What you feed will grow, so make sure you’re feeding the right parts of your life. You have so much potential for success, just make sure you’re investing in the right things.


Its too much sometimes. This week your feels are likely to be on overload, and it may seem like there’s very little you can do about it. You don’t need a crystal ball, and you don’t need answers, Aquarius. What you need is courage. It’s time to confront the problem areas of your life with heart and grace — not to have a perfect plan. Life is illogical and dumb sometimes, so finding the smartest answers doesn’t necessarily make you safer, and that’s OK.


If you don’t trust your own feels, life gets pretty chaotic, pretty quickly. This week will challenge you to move slowly enough through your reactions to get to the centre of your true feelings; this may require you to get past your inner chatter and slow things down. You run the risk of getting caught up in defensive reactions that lead to power struggles that are as confusing as they are upsetting. Know yourself well enough to know where you need to stand up and when it’s time to sit back down.


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