41 People Charged With Murder Over the Rana Plaza Collapse

News. Posted 3 years ago

Catalogue Staff

Over two years after the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh that killed more than 1,000 people, police have finally charged the owner of the Rana Plaza complex with murder. Sohel Rana and more than a dozen governmental officials are now among the 41 people to face murder charges in this ongoing case. According to the BBC, “They are accused of ignoring warnings not to allow workers into the building the day before it collapsed.”

The 41 people accused of murder also include owners of factories housed in the Rana Plaza complex and government officials. Though these individuals initially faced charges of culpable homicide, prosecutors say that the seriousness of the case demanded that the charges be upgraded to murder. In Bangladesh, factory owners wield certain political powers and can have the power to influence government policy. As a result of this, many people have questioned the Bangladeshi government’s motives in not bringing formal charges earlier. Now that charges have been brought though, the case is scheduled for a hearing on June 28 and, if convicted, the defendants will face the death penalty under local law.

The Rana Plaza factory collapse remains one of the worst industrial disasters in history and has since prompted global criticism of some of the questionable retail practices that many large fashion companies continue to engage in worldwide. With this latest news, though, the industry will liekly again be forced to consider the uncomfortable fact that cheap clothing can often come at a serious cost.

Via the BBC