5 Times Kirsten Dunst Movies Prepared Us For the Apocalypse

News. Posted 1 year ago

Rosie Dalton

Image: movie still from Melancholia. Image source.

It feels like the apocalypse is upon us now more than ever. As house ownership becomes increasingly out of reach, rental prices skyrocket and even tertiary education gets ever more expensive, it seems that young people are stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment. Oh and did we mention that Donald Trump is threatening women’s rights more and more with each passing day? Nope, okay cool.

During times like these it sometimes feels like the only mode of escape can be found in the fictional world of film and television. And our parents wonder why we watch so much TV these days! So with that in mind then, we’re celebrating Miss Kiki Dunst and her ability to accurately reflect our feelings about the impending apocalypse with so many of her filmic roles. Below are five of the ones we find most apt in this regard.

1) Melancholia

Melancholia is a science fiction meets psychological thriller directed by Lars von Trier and it features Kirsten Dunst as a young woman about to get married, as a rogue planet prepares to collide with Earth. In an age where the President of the United States doesn’t actually believe in climate change, few plots feel quite so relevant right now. Suffice to say that Melancholia totally encapsulates our feelings of being powerless to stop the destruction of the planet.

2) Marie Antoinette

If Australia’s 2017 Budget is anything to go by, it’s clear that the rich and powerful are increasingly dragging down young people these days. Which makes us feel like the only thing we can do is to stage a revolution. Okay so maybe we’re not going to storm Parliament House with torches and pitchforks per se, but the various protests and Women’s Marches already held around the world this year are basically the next best thing.

3) Midnight Special

This sci-fi film released last year revolves around Roy Tomlin and his biological son Alton Meyer, who has mysterious special powers. It is because of this that the pair — along with Roy’s longtime friend Lucas — are now on the run from both the government and a cult, looking to exploit Alton’s powers. In it Kiki plays Alton’s biological mother and the high-drama of this pursuit across country feels pretty much akin to our futile attempts to escape the patriarchy, day in and day out.

4) Jumanji

Yes, Jumanji. Kirsten Dunst was just 13-years-old when she made the film Jumanji. Which is quite literally about an apocalyptic event that sees the world split wide open by a board game of the same name. Trump’s executive orders often feel like a stampede of rhinos to be honest, but unfortunately we can’t just play our way out of this one. I suppose one can only dream, right?

5) Elizabethtown 

Because it was really that bad. Elizabethtown is one of those movies so terrible that it makes you lose faith in the world. It pretty much killed the rom com genre for good and has had us scratching our heads ever since. If there’s anything that perfectly sums up the ennui we feel as a result of the current state of the world, it is this film and all of its vapid nothingness.

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