A Flat Shoe Emoji is Coming

News. Posted 3 months ago

Catalogue Staff

Omg shoes. Image Source.

Flats are FINALLY getting the representation they deserve. Emoji is introducing the flat shoe icon your casual Friday outfit post so desperately needs. Where not sure if anyone actually wears ballet flats (?!?) but it’s still great to have a women’s shoe option that isn’t a red high heel or a cowboy boot.

We’ve got Floriane Hutchinson to thank for the addition of flat shoes into the emoji dictionary. Hutchinson submitted a request to the Unicode Consortium, the company behind emoji, asking that they add a ballet flat immediately.

“A non-heeled version of the functional shoe would fill a notable gap in the current emoji set as the stiletto, boot, and mule all possess substantial heels while the brogue is a classic men’s style and the trainer/sneaker is undeniably sporty,” she wrote.

“Featuring a very thin heel, the casual flat shoe style can but does not necessarily need to include a ribbon-like binding around the low top of the slipper. A flat shoe would help pave the way to a more gender non-sexualised pictorial representation of the footwear category.”

If you need us, we’ll be busy putting together our application for a thong emoji.

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