Channel Ten to Cast Man With Violent Past in Dating Show, Again

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This year’s instalment of The Bachelorette provided us with conclusive proof that every single woman is better off alone. Among Sophie Monk’s bad batch of bachelors was Blake Colman — the season’s villain who bullied and belittled other contestants but still somehow made it to the final four. Colman also somehow made it through the casting process even though he almost killed a guy in 2015. And, according to New Idea, he’s about to return to the small screen. Colman is reportedly joining the cast of Bachelor in Paradise in 2018 which means we’ll all get to watch a guy with a history of violence get angry at women. Again.

When Monk rejected him, Colman did not take it well:

“I’ve told you I’ve had your back,” he said angrily. “I don’t really have anything else to say, hey. Have fun with the other boys. Ciao.”

“Seriously, she gives me that bullshit answer?” he continued as he walked to the limo. “The fact that, like, apparently I didn’t protect her. Yeah, that’s just BS. Best guy for her is in this limo on his way home. She’s got the second-best guys in the house now.”

Okay Blake.

Shortly after his eviction, news of  violent incident that he was involved in emerged. During a night out in Perth in 2015, Colman threw a man named Tristan Cooper against a wall so violently that a bystander was sprayed with blood. It took four staples to close the victim’s head wound.

“He just came running up and with all his body weight sort of grabbed me in the back of the head and threw me into the side of Hungry Jack’s,” Cooper told Perth Now.

“When I went down he stepped over my lifeless body and then just proceeded to get in a fist fight with Sam.”

Cooper was attempting to diffuse a fight between Colman and his friends and another group of men when the incident took place. Colman pleaded guilty to the assault in 2017 and was fined $850.

Channel Ten has not confirmed the Bachelor in Paradise cast but supplied Pedestrian TV with the following statement:

“Laurina, Keira, Tara, Davey, Michael and Apollo have been confirmed as the first six Bachelor in Paradise participants. Ten will neither confirm or deny further speculation, but can reveal that many more of Australia’s favourite Bachelor characters are ready to head to the tropical resort in paradise. Let the games of love begin.”

Whatever the decision, it looks like Channel Ten aren’t going to condemn Colman any time soon.

Via Pedestrian TV.


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