Cardi B’s Definition of Feminism Needs to be in a Textbook

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Cardi B just gave a very succinct and very accurate definition of feminism in a new interview with Vulture. The rapper, who recently made history by being the first solo artist to top the charts since 1998, summed up the cause better than we ever could with the following phrase: “Being a feminist is being equal to do what a man do”.

Our new favourite quote is taken from this iconic passage:

“Cardi resists labels like “feminist” because she doesn’t feel like it applies to her. ‘You know what? I’m not even gonna consider myself nothing,’ she says, her finger pointed at the ceiling, in sermon. ‘Here’s the thing that bitches got me fucked up when it comes to that word. People think that being a feminist is a bitch that, like, went to school. They wear skirts all the way to their motherfucking ankles like a goddamn First Lady. That’s not being a feminist. Being a feminist is being equal to do what a man do. Niggas hustle, and I hustle niggas.’ She’s now jabbing one Offset-talon at me for emphasis.”

Ex-act-ly! Cardi has been explaining life really well for a while now — please enjoy this video of her defining feminism in a shower cap from 2016.


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Head to Vulture for more crucial life advice from Cardi.

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