Consent Condoms Appear To Promote Rape Thanks to Dodgy Pun

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A very confusing condom. Image Source.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my first 25 years on this Earth, it’s that puns and sex education do not mix. This is something that condom company Say It With A Condom is definitely unaware of. The company was struck by a pun disaster this week when it distributed condoms that featured an illustration of a donut and the words “go further without consent”. The intended message — “donut (do not) go further without consent” — was not immediately clear due to the pale pink colour of the dessert.

A student, who’d picked up a condom at their university campus, posted a pic of it on Reddit’s Crappy Design thread:

Safe sex campaign on my campus handed these out from CrappyDesign

This user’s response to the post is all of us right now:

“It took me a minute to actually get that the donut was supposed to be part of the sentence, but even after the pun clicked, I just have so many more questions about the brainstorming process behind this. How did they arrive at this final product? It’s so, so terrible that it’s utterly fascinating.”

The Reddit post was quickly picked up by the people of Twitter who agreed that the design was both crap and confusing.

The Trump administration is about to remove the protections for victims of sexual assault that were introduced under Obama, so clear messages about consent are pretty important right now.

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