Emily Ratajkowski Quickly Changes Problematic Insta Post After Backlash

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Emily Ratajkowski has been a very vocal feminist advocate, and even while we find some of her empowerment aphorisms a little, shall we say, devoid of an overarching patriarchal context, we’re OK with the attention she draws to the cause.

That is until it is revealed that she isn’t always sure what the cause is. Sure, Instagram and power and influence are all big pressures, but if you’re lucky enough to hold that kind of position, and use feminism as part of your brand, it’s crucial you are responsible. According to the New York Post Ratajkowski posted a picture celebrating her new job as the face of Kerastase Paris with the offkey caption:

“Hair is a fundamental part of beauty, femininity, and identity. So excited to announce that I am the new face of @kerastase_official!”

Because no, it isn’t? And the idea that a woman’s self-worth is somehow uniquely linked to her hair is kinda caught up in the whole male-gaze, beauty standard, shitshow. Social media users were quick to comment, and Ratajkowski was equally quick to edit what she’d said without any indication that she’d done so.

Blerg, in short.

News via the New York Post.


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