Even the Smallest Amount of Nature Makes You Feel Good for 7 Hours!

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Nature is good for you! Who knew! Kidding we all knew.

But seriously though: a new study has been released by King’s College London in association with landscape architects J & L Gibbons and art foundation Nomad Projects, which demonstrates how our wellbeing can be measured while we are enjoying the good green views and vibes. Dr Andrea Mechelli, one of the study’s authors, who’s both a neuroscientist and clinical psychologist, explained:

“The motivation of the study was people who live in cities are more likely to develop mental health issues than people who live in a rural environment. In fact they’re three times more likely to become clinically depressed.”

The study consisted of 108 people answering questions on an app called the Urban Mind seven times a day for seven days, answering questions on where they were, what they could see and hear and how good (or not good) they felt.

The really positive thing revealed by the study is that even the smallest doses of nature have the ability to make us feel better, whether it’s the park you stroll through on your commute to work, or taking a minute to appreciate a blue sky. The effects of these interactions can have positive effects on your mentality that will last for up to 7 hours. Even Dr Mechelli was taken aback by the results, “to be honest, I was a little bit surprised. We all think nature is good for us, but until now the hardcore scientific evidence hadn’t been very convincing. I didn’t expect it to be something you can measure in a very direct, objective way.”

While some doctors already recommend time in nature for patients suffering from mental-health issues, the more data the better; possibly leading to including it as an essential part of treatment. The findings show that nature had a bigger effect on those who scored highly on the Barratt Impulsivity Scale.

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