FACT: It’s 2017 and Women Still aren’t Being Paid the Same as Men

News. Posted 1 year ago

Catalogue Staff

Image: taken by Jinki Cambronero for the Treat Her Right campaign.

Globally, the gender pay gap is standard. In New Zealand, for example, women’s average weekly earnings were just 61.1% of men’s earnings, that means for every $707 a man earned, a woman only earned $432. In short: it’s fucking ridiculous. Setting the scene: it’s 1972 and NZ finally saw fit to create the Equal Pay Act, which prohibited discrimination of employees’ pay rates based on their sex. It also stipulated men and women in the same job must be paid equally; as well as equal pay for work of equal value for jobs that mainly employ women.

But, guess what?

The terms were never fully implemented.

Treat Her Right asks that you sign a pledge to help get the act across the line, and start settling the alarming disparity for good. So many great women, like feminist economist Prue Hyman, fought too hard to never see what they began become actualised. To make the video, 200 proud wahine from all walks of working life – from nurses, to undertakers, to home care workers – took part, dancing to Donna Summer’s She Works Hard for the Money. So, two things: 1) If you haven’t already watched this important video, do it now. In fact, let’s all do it together:

And 2) most importantly: sign the bloody petition. It’s up to us to bring this home.

Find out more about the campaign and the awesome people behind over here!