Get Hypnotised By the Video for Kelela’s Blue Light

News. Posted 8 months ago

Catalogue Staff

Kelela at the Made in America Festival. Image Source.

Feel something on hump day. Kelela released the new video for her emotive track Blue Light, from her perfect album Take Me Apart.

Directed by the very talented Helmi, the video has hit big and small screens just before the premiere of ALL IT TOOK, a short film by Kelela which will open at the New Museum in New York on November.

If you weren’t already obsessing over Kelela enough, did you know that she’s opted to play shows in Adelaide when she tours Australia in January 2018, recently telling Triple J’s Drive that she wanted to “play in places where people don’t have as much access.”

“As somebody who understands cities but also comes from a pretty suburban context and understands what it’s like to be, specifically, a person of colour who’s out in the boonies surrounded by white people, basically — people who don’t look like you — and feeling othered. For me, it’s just really important to get out to spaces where people of colour have access. So, there were several reasons why I wanted to do it that way. I’m really excited to play it.”

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