Girls Finally Win Right to Wear Shorts and Pants to School in Victoria

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Most girls will know the pain of wearing a school dress on a windy day, or on any day when you want to do anything other than walk around (slowly) and sit still. Dresses get in the way of just about everything that kids like to do, and thankfully that’s something that schools are finally starting to acknowledge. The Victorian Education Minister, James Merlino, has announced that all girls will soon have the option to wear shorts or pants to school if they want to.

“There’s been a campaign — many parents’ organisations, students contacting me, contacting the government — and I just thought this was a common sense decision to make,” Merlino told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“The vast majority of schools provide the option of wearing pants or shorts for female students, but some don’t.”

All Victorian state schools will be required to provide short and pant options to females from the beginning of next year. Similar rules, which make it mandatory for schools to offer “boys” uniform options to all female students, were introduced in Western Australia last week.

Research shows that girls are less likely to engage in physical activity and play when they’re wearing a dress or skirt. Dresses also perpetuate gender stereotypes that don’t have a place in 2017.

Simone Cariss, the founder of Girls’ Uniform Agenda — a parent’s group advocating for girls’ right to choose between dresses and pants — told The Age that “schools need to come into the modern era and look at what they are forcing their girls to wear.”

“We want girls to go into science, technology, engineering and maths careers — which involve breaking down those stereotypes — yet we force them to wear a dress every day.”

These new rules will mean that, just like in the real world, girls will be able to wear dresses, skirts, shorts or pants to school depending on their preference. Finally.

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