Harper’s Bazaar Thinks Kendall Jenner’s Birthday Present for North West is Feminist and Sorry, it’s Not

News. Posted 9 months ago

Catalogue Staff

Kendall Jenner and North West. Image Source.

Can people please stop trying to make the Kardashian’s seem woke? Kendall Jenner, who brought us The Great Pepsi Fiasco Of 2017, did a new thing and a certain fashion magazine thinks its totes feminist. Harper’s Bazaar called Kendall’s Birthday present for North a “feminist gift” proving that they don’t really understand the meaning of the word feminism.

The present in question was a science experiment kit. Or, as Harper’s Bazaar would have it, “an unexpected but creative gesture (and a feminist one too, since she ditched the traditional dolls and dresses)”.

The kit came complete with an instructional book and Kim really loved it.

Honestly, if that’s a feminist gift then Backyard Science is one of the greatest feminist shows of our time.

After all these years we’d like to think that feminism has progressed beyond the idea that men and women are equally capable of both liking, and being good at, science.

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