Health Groups Want Girls to Learn About Endometriosis in School

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From a young age, women are taught that their pain isn’t real. When you need to sit out of gym class or take the day off school because of period pain, it’s often assumed that you must be making it up or, at least, exaggerating. A coalition of Australian health groups wants to change this by introducing endometriosis education into the curriculum.

Severe period pain is a symptom of endo, a condition that takes an average of ten years to diagnose even though one in ten Australian women suffer from it. According to Dr Susan Evans from the Pelvic Pain Foundation, 20% of teenage girls skip school because of period pain.

“Education is the way forward to avoid future generations of girls and women suffering as their mothers have,” Dr Evans told the ABC.

The Pelvic Pain Foundation is a just one of the health groups that form the Australian Coalition for Endometriosis. They are joined by patient groups like EndoActive and medical research groups including the Hudson Institute of Medical Research and the Universities of Adelaide, Melbourne and NSW in the campaign to have endometriosis designated as a national health priority area. The coalition also hope to launch a public health campaign to promote awareness around the condition.

The Australian Coalition for Endometriosis will meet with Health Minister Greg Hunt to discuss their endo education program so hopefully period pain will be in the curriculum very soon.

Via the ABC.

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