How Do You Feel About These Frida Kahlo Emojis?

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Image: The fridamoji. Image Source.

Emojis. Love them, hate them; they’re an inevitable part of your life. A large part of modern living constitutes expressing how you feel via miniature hand gestures, faces, food groups and weather conditions. One look at somebody’s ‘recently used’ and you’ve unlocked their psyche. It’s equal parts grim and brilliant.

Accordingly, many aspects of pop culture – from dining trends to celebs – are frequently condensed into little phone cartoons so we can keep our self-expression alarmingly contemporary. Kim’s got some, so does Amber. Signing off with a Kimoji feels OK because ‘branding’ is the whole when it comes what the Karadashians are about, it’s the new (and old) American dream but things get weirder when artists are pulled into the emoji mix. Then there were weeny Warhols, a kind of meta moment for the man who re-interpreted pop culture’s tenants. The fact that the design was part of a ‘fine art’ prank initiated by an LA gallery, which stopped being all that funny – as with most modern pranks – when people took the emojis seriously. Which made things less mildly acceptable. Other artists affected included Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama and Magritte.

Anyway, the same gallery – Canter Fine Art gallery – has now opted in for a full-range promo, selecting Frida Kahlo as the source for their Fridamojis. As Sam Cantor explained: “She conveyed her emotions so honestly and openly in her work. What better artist to translate into emoji, which we use to express emotion today?”

Christ, is that true? It’s so hard to tell. When things are this literal – if you painted about feelings then small cartoon images of your face should be used to deliver them directly between friends – it’s difficult to know whether the existence of a Fridamoji is one of those cute Internet ironies or one of the four horsemen of the impending cultural apocalypse. The lines are so blurred these days maybe it’s just all the same and nothing ever actually mattered anyway. Here they are:

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