Keith Urban Released a Weinstein-Inspired Song Called Female and Yep it’s Bad

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Keith Urban has a message for you: females are human beings too. Thanks for clearing that up mate! The man who is directly responsible for 99.9% of the acoustic guitars sighted on Sydney beaches annually has done another bad thing for women. Urban recently released a song about all the women in his life and guess what it’s called? Female, people. FEMALE! I’ll give you a moment to refocus after that eye roll.

Female was written in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal and, while it will remind millions of people that women are cool and good, it’s also pretty problematic. For starters, the title is something that no woman ever wants to be called by a man. The song also ruins Beyoncé with this line:

“When you hear a song that they play saying you run the world / Do you believe it? / Will you live to see it?”

So we can’t even have Beyoncé now?

Then, there’s this:

“When somebody laughs and implies that she asked for it / Just cause she was wearing a skirt / Now is that how it works? / When somebody talks about how it was Adam first / Does that make you second best? / Or did he save the best for last?”

How did we get from Beyoncé to the Bible?

And the chorus:

“Sister, shoulder / Daughter, lover / Healer, broken halo / Mother nature / Fire, suit of armour / Soul survivor, Holy Water / Secret keeper, fortune teller / Virgin Mary, scarlet letter / Technicolor river wild / Baby girl, woman, child / Female.”

Oh great, a bunch of traditional gender roles that women are supposed to fulfil in relation to other people! Fun fact: “baby girl” is Urban’s special pet name for Nicole Kidman. Yucky. Also, I think the only job mentioned here is fortune teller?!? Keith pls.

Urban explained mansplained the song’s meaning thusly:

“It just speaks to all of the females in my life, particularly. For a guy who grew up with no sisters in a house of boys, it’s incredible how now I’m surrounded by girls. But not only in my house; I employ a huge amount of women in my team. The song just hit me for so many reasons.”


It’s great that Urban has realised that women exist and all, but it’s time for men with a platform to do more than just show up.

Via The Pool.

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