Louis Theroux Named One of 2017’s Worst Dressed Men and SWEETIE NO!

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It’s called fashion, look it up. Image Source.

Impeccable person Louis Theroux is always impeccably dressed in some combination of cotton and chambray. He’s a big fan of layering and loose fits and prefers to keep it casual with his top button undone because he’s got it like that.

Theroux has also pioneered trendy statement pieces like wire-rimmed spectacles and beige turtlenecks.

Despite his many great contributions to fashion, and humanity more generally, GQ magazine had the audacity to call Theroux one of the worst dressed men of 2017. *Mad World plays.* Theroux took out spot number seven on the magazine’s worst dressed men list. Surely they can’t be talking about OUR Louis?

The good man himself was shocked to learn that GQ thinks his fashion is bad.

As was everyone else on Twitter.

We’ve got two words to say to you GQ: sweetie, no.

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