Meghan Trainor Makes Controversial Comments about Eating Disorders

News. Posted 4 years ago


Meghan Trainor, singer of All About that Bass (that cruel hit that gets mercilessly stuck in your head any time it’s mentioned – sorry) has received criticism for making some pretty uncomfortable comments about eating disorders. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the singer spoke of growing up as a “chubby girl” and then went on to discuss why she had never had an eating disorder in a really questionable way.

“I wasn’t strong enough to have an eating disorder…I tried to go anorexic for a good three hours. I ate ice and celery but that’s not even anorexic. And I quit. I was like ‘Ma, can you make me a sandwich, like, immediately?'”

The part where Trainor says “go anorexic” just made me sigh an “eugh” out loud. One does not “go anorexic” – it is a serious psychological illness that claims the lives of 20% of sufferers and should not be discussed as the hobby sport of girls with low self-esteem. Demi Lovato, who has publically referred to her struggles with eating disorders as a young woman, took great offense to Trainor’s comments and produced the following on her Twitter account:

“Having an eating disorder doesn’t show ‘strength’. Strength is when you are able to overcome your demons after being sick and tired for so long. There’s a wide misconception that anorexia and/or bulimia is a choice and you often hear people say things like ‘why doesn’t she just start eating?’ Or even ‘just stop throwing up.’ It’s the ignorance and lack of education on mental illnesses that continues to put mental health care on the back burner to congress even though this is an epidemic that is sweeping our nation, and causing more and more tragedy every day. Starving is not a ‘diet’ and throwing up isn’t something that only extremely thin men or women do. Eating disorders do not discriminate..Neither does any other mental illness. These are deadly diseases that are taking lives daily. So please, let’s be cautious of the words we use when discussing ED’s and other mental illnesses. <3”

Trainor can be “all about that bass” as much as she damn well pleases but perhaps she should steer clear of addressing topics that she’s clearly not equipped to handle in a sensitive or educated approach.

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Elfy Scott