Melbourne is Building “the World’s Most Sustainable Shopping Centre”

News. Posted 3 months ago

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A wall covered in ivy! Unrelated to the building! Image Source. 

The east of Melbourne will soon be home to what developers are calling “the most sustainable shopping centre in the world”. According to Broadsheet, Frasers Property Australia is planning to convert Burwood Brickworks into a mall that has a rooftop farm and will comply with the rigorous Living Building Challenge, something which has not yet been achieved by a retail space. The certificate means the building must have zero carbon footprint: produce more electricity and water than it uses, have zero waste, grow agriculture on at least 20% of the site and be constructed only from non-toxic and recycled materials. It is a big, beautiful task.

The developers have hired Joost Bakker, the designer famous for his eco approach, as a creative consultant on the rooftop project, a 2000 square-metre space that will become an urban farm, growing between 55 to 60 kinds of seasonal plants, as well as hosting a restaurant. All organic waste from the property will be mulched for the farm and coffee grinds for mushroom cultivation.

As for tenants, Frasers Property are looking for likeminded businesses to “come out of the woodwork”.  Hey, that could be you!

News via Broadsheet.

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