Milo Yiannopoulos Will Be Charged $50,000 By Victoria Police for Protests

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“Funny guy” Milo Yiannopoulos. Image Source.

We’ve been trying to ignore the fact that alt-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos has been touring the country offending everybody in Australia this week. The guy’s garbage views have gotten enough air time as it is, what with Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm inviting him to speak in parliament and all. But this is one piece of Yiannopoulos news that we can’t resist: the Victoria Police will change Milo and his promoters at least $50,000 for the protests that took place outside his Melbourne event.

The violent demonstration occurred outside the Melbourne Pavilion on Monday where hundreds of left-wing and right-wing protestors clashed. The riot police were called in to separate representatives from left-wing organisation Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and right-wing groups Reclaim Australia and The Freedom Party who were fighting each other with sticks. Riot police were also called to Yiannopoulos’ Sydney event on Tuesday night.

Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville told 3AW radio that Yiannopoulos will be charged for the police presence at the event.

“They’ll certainly be getting a bill,” Neville said. “There were a lot of resources put in and I’ve had a lot of interesting tweets sent to me saying ‘what a waste of police resources’, but unfortunately in that situation, we’ve got two groups who pretty much set out to cause the harm that they did… try and cause violence and try and get on the TV so police are there to try and protect the general public.”

Neville said event organisers normally agree to pay for police services in advance and Yiannopoulos will be charged around $50,000 for the 300 or so police who were called to the event.

Yiannopoulos’ people have already refused to foot the bill, saying that the police minister will have to sue them. His promoter and Penthouse publisher Damien Costas, who organised the tour, told that Neville’s announcement was “political grandstanding from a lame duck politician”.

“We have not been sent the bill yet, but if we do my message to the minister is simple — sue me,” he added.

Via the Sydney Morning Herald.

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