Nicki Minaj Called Out Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

News. Posted 9 months ago

Catalogue Staff

HI NICKI. Image Source.

Philipp Plein had yet anotherbig New York Fashion Week show last week, following the German designer’s trademark assertion that “Just because fashion is a big business doesn’t mean that it has to be stiff and serious.” This year, the vibe was “swanky cabaret” as The Cut described, with plenty of champagne, PP branded burgers and celebs. Dita Von Teese open proceedings, Future provided the soundtrack live, and the runway theme was “a celebration of our inner desires”. Let’s take a moment for Teyana Taylor’s incred performance, living vicariously through her Instagram feed:

At the after-party Nicki Minaj, who also performed, pretty much said what everyone is thinking about the fashion industry:

“Thank you Philipp Plein for including our culture. Designers get really big and really rich off of our culture, and then you don’t see a motherfucker that look anything like us in the front row half the time. So let’s make some noise for Philipp Plein tonight.”