Promising Young ‘Meninist’ Believes Women Should Just ‘Hold in Their Periods’

News. Posted 2 years ago

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Image: Ryan Williams, who believes a woman’s period starts in her bladder. Image Source.

You know that feeling you get first thing in the morning when you don’t want to get out of bed? Well, this article is going to make you want to get back in, and never leave ever again.

Ryan Williams, a self-proclaimed ‘meninist’ from the United Kingdom figured it was up to him to defend taxpayers against all women who do not exercise sufficient bladder control when it comes to their monthly menstrual cycles. Yes, Williams believes that if a woman “cannot hold in her period until she gets to a toilet” then really, she needs to learn to deal with it better. Free tampons are not the problem, as they wouldn’t be for anyone who was suddenly bleeding out of their bladder. Yet another reminder we did not need about the total lack of proper education when it comes to how female bodies work.

Causing great concern for the UK’s school system, especially the biology syllabus, Williams was surprised to find that his online poll, which he somehow managed to set up all by himself, showed that only 13% of surveyed folk agreed that women just need to exercise some ‘self-control’. He’s even got a GoFundMe page called, cleverly, ‘Stop the Blob’.

So. Good morning. Sorry to totally dampen your enthusiasm for the future of humanity, but it is what it is. Often, it’s hard to understand how men even managed to establish a patriarchy at all.

Story via the ever-helpful Mirror

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