#ReclaimTheBindi Wants to End Cultural Appropriation

News. Posted 3 years ago


Earlier today, we posted the news that Rue from The Hunger Games, AKA actor Amandla Sternberg,
had shared a video on her Tumblr that called out the pop music and fashion industries for their appropriation of black culture. Now, we’ve become aware of a Twitter and Tumbler hashtag, #ReclaimTheBindi, which is being used to, and this is important, both deride wearing the bindi for fashion reasons, and to promote appreciation of what the bindi actually is, and what it means. Traditionally, a bindi is a bright red dot of colour applied between the eyebrows, worn by married Hindu women.

Here’s a link to the Twitter hashtag, where users are calling out the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner – and what appears to be their Coachella outfits because of course – for turning the bindi into a fashion accessory, remiss of cultural meaning.

While we’re guilty of thinking Gwen Stefani’s bindi accessories were cool as shit in the ’90s, we’re now older, wiser and, considering the problematic consequences for cultural understanding, of wearing bindis as fashion accessories, won’t be appropriating them any time soon.

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