Rihanna Ordered Extra Pasta With Her Pasta and Marry Me Please

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Our two favourite things. Image Source.

Rihanna ordering extra pasta with her pasta is the only celebrity news we care about today and forever. The Cut did some investigative journalism and discovered that Riri loves pasta just as much as we do. Soulmate alert!

According to their findings, during a recent date with her boo Hassan Jameel, the couple “cozied up and munched on items such as calamari, grilled octopus, bruschetta, tomato basil pasta, arancini, gnocchi and bolognese”. Lush! Then “she ordered extra pasta to take home because she said she often gets hungry around 2am”. How are you so perfect?

Rihanna, if you’re reading, can you please start working on a line of Fenty pasta sauces? Thanks!

We’re just going to leave this photo series of Rih leaving restaurants with her wine glass here:

Via The Cut.


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