Rihanna’s Chic High-Heeled Thongs Speak to the Surfer Chick Inside Us All

News. Posted 9 months ago

Catalogue Staff

Presenting, the holy grail of ugly shoes — the one, the only, Fenty x Puma high-heeled thong. Image Source.

Rihanna just single-handedly made fashion good again by sending high-heeled thongs down the runway. Don’t know how to thank you, Riri. The groundbreaking shoe will be a summer essential for proudly bogan Australians everywhere (myself included) because:

From the front, Riri’s Fenty x Puma masterpieces look exactly like a humble thong, but turn sideways and *gasp* a chunky heel reveals itself. There’s even a nifty ankle clip to ensure you never ever bust a plugger again! Observe:

These shoes are a revelation but not a shocking one, considering surfer girl style and dressing like you’re ready for a hike are both on the rise. Our next 2017 trend prediction: kitten-heel thongs.

No we are not joking.

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