Scotland Has Just Launched Free Access to Sanitary Products!

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Yes! You read that right! Scotland has officially become the first country to offer low-income women free access to sanitary products. Today UK time, they launched their world-first pilot programme: a six month initiative which will be rolled out across Aberdeen, and will be used as a case study for future policy-making on sanitary product provision. It will be headed up by poverty prevention charity Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE), starting at four schools as well as women’t healthy and housing charities, with the aim that it will be extended, hopefully across Scotland, the UK and even Europe; pending the results.

The project, run in conjunction with the Scottish Government, comes 12 moths after Monica Lennon, Scottish Labour’s inequalities spokesperson, demanded that the government make a “firm commitment” to looking into the cost of sanitary products, ultimately making them free for all women across Scotland. At the moment, the high price of sanitary items like pads and tampons are keeping those who menstruate away from school because they can’t afford to buy them – recent studies completed in Australia have revealed the same. Here’s hoping all countries sit up and take notice of Scotland’s move.

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