Some Old People Tried to Make Millennials and Avocados Happen (Again)

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Oh dear lord, baby boomers are really running out of insightful things to say about millennials aren’t they? This week Time Magazine categorised the phrase “hold my avocado” as viral millennial content and nopety, nope, nope.

The Time article — ”Hold My Avocado’ Is the Viral Catchphrase Millennials Have Been Looking For’ — was based on a single Tweet from a random guy named Ken:

Time mag really went all in, calling “hold my avocado” “the most zeitgeist-encapsulating catchphrase” they’ve seen in a while. Why? Because it’s “a quick way to denote the contemporary millennial experience: seeking luxury wellness, but potentially derailed by sociopolitical developments.” Hey Time:

The internet has not reacted favourably to this ~fake news~ with one person aptly asking:

A few other choice responses include:

Can everyone please stop overstating the relationship between millennials and avocados? Yes, avos are a delicious fruit that go well with toast and eggs, but are they a symbol of the millennial experience? Nah.

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