Stella McCartney is an Ethical Fashion Success Story, Says BOF

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Business of Fashion, the website dedicated to discussing the multifaceted and far-reaching industry that goes on to create the clothing we all wear, will release their fourth print edition on March 30th, and Stella McCartney is the cover star.

The issue is called Seven Issues Facing Fashion Now, and the feature article, by Business of Fashion founder Imran Amed, promises to unpack how Stella McCartney became one of the most successful names in fashion with an ethical business model.


Image: the cover of the Business of Fashion’s fourth print edition, Seven Issues Facing Fashion Now

According to the feature’s introduction, which is available as a teaser to read on the Business of Fashion site ahead of the release of the magazine, Stella McCartney grew 60% between 2010 and 2013, and is thought to have annual global revenues of around $150 to $200 million.

In the Company Statement section of the Stella McCartney website, the label explains their commitment to sustainability, and the reasons why they don’t use animal products of any kind:

“We do not use leather, skins or fur in any of our products, collaborations or licensed products and here are some of the reasons why…

Other than the obvious ethical issues surrounding the culling of animals for their hides, in recent years studies by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and NGOs such as PETA have discovered that the environmental impact caused by our reliance on meat and its by-products is not sustainable.”

Just yesterday, Australian designer Kit Willow presented her new ethical collection of clothing, called KITX, to media and buyers in Paris, and in our article about her new collection, we covered off the designers, both here and abroad, who are dedicated to making a difference.

Concern for the environmental and ethical impact of clothing production does seem to be growing, and the best way consumers – you and I! – can push the conversation forward is to buy from ethical designers. This is why we have launched an e-store, which includes product from Australia and New Zealand’s best local, independent designers. Go forth and let your shopping do the talking.

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