The First Teaser for the Handmaid’s Tale Series Already Feels Hauntingly Too Real

News. Posted 1 year ago

Catalogue Staff

Image: From the new TV series The Handmaid’s Tale. Image Source. 
Thank God TV is better than reality right now. If you choose your binging wisely, you can opt in to being challenged as much as you can opt out of thinking for yourself.
There are a fair few shows to be excited about for this year, but high on our Anticipation List has been the Handmaid’s Tale. Ever since the telly adaptation of the dystopian Margaret Atwood novel was announced by Hulu, we’ve been curious to see how the book we loved, and were frightened by, as high schoolers would fit the laptop screen. Turns out, it might just fit very, very well.
If you’ve not read the book, then try and squeeze it in before the series debuts on April 26th, otherwise here’s a brief summary: Elisabeth Moss plays Offred, one woman amongst many doing her best to survive in an oppressive society where her only use is her fertility, used relentlessly to aid re-population efforts. All of which is incredibly horrific.
Here’s the teaser: