The Sandals You Need to Own if You Never Stopped Being a Teen Goth

News. Posted 5 months ago

Catalogue Staff

I must be emo! Image Source.

For better or for worse, the subcultures we identify with as teenagers have a lasting impact on our style. If you were a hardcore teenage goth (or just a lame emo kid like me) you probably had a pair of chunky black shoes that said: “the dark is afraid of ME”. Now that you’re all grown up, you will have shed most of your misunderstood teenage wardrobe — the thigh-high Converses, the spiky belts, the skull singlets (I’m shuddering writing this) — but you never stopped wearing those chunky black shoes. See mum! It wasn’t a phase, it was the real me!

Dr. Martens have got all us adult emos covered when it comes to black boots, but a good pair of goth sandals can be really hard to find. That’s why Melissa’s Daikanyama Sandals are so revolutionary. At just $125 dollars, the shoes are made from 100% recyclable plastic and feature not one, but five, straps. This criss-cross style comes complete with small eyelets that recall the studded belts of our youth and look badass with every outfit. The chunky sole provides a little height without being to heel-y and it’s perfect for moshing, stomping, and basically every other activity you can think of that involves moving feet.

You can complete your grown up goth look by purchasing a pair of Daikanyamas on our sister site Well Made Clothes right here, right now!

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