There are Climate Change Emojis if Your 2018 Resolution Was to be Very, Very Real

News. Posted 6 months ago

Catalogue Staff

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You may not have known but back in October emojis actually transcended themselves when a climate change series was released. Designed by Marina Zurkow, an environmental artist and professor at New York University, they are deeply, truly, unnervingly real.

The set features the grim realties of climate change we’re facing, including pollution, extreme weather and disappearing animals. In Zurkow’s words: “we felt like one of the big problems is people don’t call climate change what it is…People don’t connect to the outcomes of a lot of anthropogenic destruction that we all participate in a really everyday way.

We know, even if we don’t want to face that knowledge, that these issues are already in motion. Right now, more than 700 species of mammals and birds are under threat and we’re relentlessly faced with imagery of the devastating weather patterns wreaking havoc across the globe.

If you’re 2018 resolution was to fuck up the planet less, or better still: to convince other people to fuck up the planet less, then these are probably for you!

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