These Unpaid Turkish Workers Are Sending Messages Via Zara Labels  

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It is no secret that fast fashion brands don’t exactly treat their workers well, but now those workers are fighting back against poor labour conditions and they are doing so through garment tags. According to Business of Fashion, shoppers at Zara in Istanbul have recently found unusual tags on the inside of their garments, drawing attention to the fact that Turkish workers aren’t being paid for their work in creating this merchandise.

The workers in question are reportedly employed by an outsource manufacturer for Zara (amongst other retailers) and they have recently been leaving tags inside the clothes, which say: “I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it.” In other words, then, the tags are being used as a way to kickstart an important dialogue between workers and customers, which compels the latter to not be a bystander to the injustices behind cheap clothing.

Calling for Zara shoppers to support their campaign and pressure the fast fashion giant into paying them for their work, the campaign explains that manufacturer Bravo owes them three months of pay and severance allowance, after the company abruptly closed down over night. So far Zara’s parent company Inditex is yet to respond to these allegations, but this latest news certainly doesn’t do much to help ease concerns about slave labour in the garment industry.

Via Business of Fashion

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