These Vegan Slides are Chic AND Cheap!

News. Posted 5 months ago

Catalogue Staff

A girl and her slides. Image Source.

Slides are probably the most low-maintenance shoe on the planet. You literally just slip your foot into them and you are good to go. No pesky laces, buckles, heels or straps here! If you’re as lazy me, you’ll appreciate just how groundbreaking these shoes are. The only issue with most slides is that they are too casual for basically every occasion. Sure, you could wear them to your cousins wedding or a work event, but you’ll probably be pigeonholed as a broke stoner who only came for the free cheese. Now this may be true, but we don’t need to advertise it with our feet do we ladies? So why are you writing an article about slides then?!? I hear you angrily ask. Because I think I’ve discovered the chicest slides on planet Earth dear reader! Check them out:

These beauties are a dream come true for the lazy the vegan and the thrifty. Talk about a triple threat. No animals were harmed in the making of the glossy tortoiseshell slides and they will only set you back $105 dollarydoos!

The Cosmic Sandals come from Brazilian-based label Melissa and are made from 100% recyclable Melflex plastic. Do a good thing for the planet and your wardrobe by heading to our sister site Well Made Clothes and snapping up your own pair now.