This Feminist Mermaid Thriller is All We Want to Watch Right Now

News. Posted 1 year ago

Rosie Dalton

Image: movie still from The Lure. Image source.

Introducing The Lure, Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Smoczynska’s directorial debut and the only movie we want to watch right now. A daring indie delight, this film is resplendent with moody music and fantastical costuming, leading Nylon to describe it as “a feminist-mermaid-musical-horror-love story.” Hinging upon two flesh-eating mermaid sisters, the tale sees sirens Golden and Silver swept up in life on the land. Enamoured by the rock star lifestyle and the opportunity to sing in an adult entertainment club, things ultimately come to a head as the worlds of magic and humanity collide.

As Jezebel puts it, “mermaids are long overdue for a cultural resurgence, and this has cult status written all over it.” Especially because the idea of devilish, flesh-eating mermaids is just so spookily unique. Of course, it wouldn’t be a mermaid tale without a love story of some kind, as Silver starts to fall for the son of the family that initially takes them in. Golden, however, refuses to give up her primal nature and tries to convince her sister that they must return to the sea.

These literal man-eaters are the very epitome of independent women and I, for one, am very much lured in by their siren song. Which is perhaps why Nylon recalls that “heads didn’t just turn when The Lure premiered at Sundance—they exploded. It’s an exuberant, strange, and occasionally terrifying fairytale for people who still believe in them, and it’s going to be one of the most talked about movies of the year.” The film’s official US release is February 1st, so we hope to see this one coming to our home screens shortly thereafter.

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