This Grisly New Horror Film Series is Unique for a Pretty Awesome Reason

News. Posted 1 year ago

Catalogue Staff

Image: a still from horror anthology ‘XX’. Image Source.

If you don’t have a crush on Annie Clark aka St Vincent, hurry up and get one already. When she’s not busy writing our favourite albums of the past decade, she’s doing projects that actually work towards making the world a better place to be a women, in the fields she knows best. Last year, she created a guitar designed to fit the curves of a woman, and this year, she’s releasing an all-women horror anthology ‘XX’. It’s the first of its kind to not only strictly star women in the leading roles, but also to have only been directed, produced and written by women.

Clark’s debut is a black comedy, where a mother keeps her daughter’s birthday celebrations going despite discovering that her husband has committed suicide. She’s joined by directors Karyn Kusama with Her Only Living Son, Roxanne Benjamin’s Don’t Fall and Jovanka Vuckovic with The Box. Check out the clips below!

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