“U Up?” This Epic Gallery Will Text You Art When You’re Feeling Down

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This sentence might make you feel a bit nauseous, but also it’s kinda lovely: the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has started an “art-text” service. Called ‘Send Me SFMOMA’ you can message the museum the words “Send Me” to 572-51 alongside a keyword, emoji or colour that best communicates how you’re feeling, and they will message back a piece from their enormous art collection that matches your mood.

We are into this because not only is the abyss huge and terrifyingly inevitable, but art collections are giant. For example, SFMOMA’s collection is so big that only 5% of it can actually be on display at any one time. That is stressful to know! Even more stressful is the stat that says we only spend an average of 7 seconds with a piece of art. Help! Everything is fleeting!

This is a pretty democratic way of accelerating access to art. That might make some people groan, but wouldn’t you rather be texting an art gallery “u up?” at midnight than some average human who will never truly satisfy the loneliness at the heart of existence?

Next in our dreams is a service like this but for books! Would use. Can feel the abyss narrowing already.

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